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Comprehensive Financial Plan  (Fee $2,900)

A comprehensive financial plan is a comprehensive analysis and plan which includes recommendations for the client to meet their financial goals.  The client will identify their financial goals including what they are saving for, such as college expenses for their children or to retire at a certain age.  The client will fill out several questionaires including a risk tolerance assessment which will help Michael to make investment recommendations that are specific to each client.  The plan will include recommendations regarding the client's budget, investment, retirement, estate, insurance, and tax areas which will help the client achieve their short and long term financial goals.  


Comprehensive Financial Plan for the Business Owner (Fee $3,900)

This plan is for clients who own their own business.  It includes everything under the "Comprehensive Financial Plan" plus it addresses the necessity of creating a continuity and succession plan.  Every business owner should have a comprehensive financial plan that not only addresses their personal financial goals but also their business goals which includes a continuity plan to help protect their family as well as any co-owners.


Comprehensive Financial Plan Update & Pre or Retiremnt Investment & Tax Analysis Update (Fee - $1,800/$1,500)

This review is for those clients who have had a comprehensive financial plan or Pre or Retired investment & tax analysis prepared in the past and want to review their situation to make sure they are on track to meet their goals.  The review addresses any new concerns or occurrences in the client's financial situation as well as monitoring the client's progress toward their goals.  The review will also address tax efficient withdrawal strategies for those already in retirement.  The review is suggested annually or when the client's situation has change.

Financial Planning

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